Wednesday, March 22, 2017

top 5 fastest planes in the world

Me and my friend are into airplanes so I wanted to do this because they are really cool and can go over 1,500 MPH

5. Bell  X-2 Starburster
It sounds like something off of Star Wars that would go around and destroy things like other ships and had a powerful weapon but its not. The Starburster 
is an american research aircraft for flight engineering which was only in service for one year but the X aircraft program was still going on at the time.
its top speed is 2,094 MPH and it is powered by a rocket engine (almost all of them have rocket engines)

4. Mikoyan MiG-25 Foxbat.
the fox bat does sound like a flying fox. but what in the world does Mikoyan mean? Mikoyan is a russians last name he invented to foxbat in the 1970s and retired in 1984. right now the are in limited service which means not many are in use today. it can go over 21,000MPH and is 64 feet long and its wingspan is 45 feet becasue its wings are so big it produces enough lift to hold its 80,000 pounds. 

3. YF-12
produced into the SR-71 Blackbird was a test aircraft that was used for some missions but not as much as the Blackbird its top speed is 2,200 MPH only 3 of them were made and went into the production of the SR-71 Blackbird.
it is slightly slower about 100 MPH slower than the blackbird
Its wingspan is 56 feet long and is 102 feet inches long.

2. SR-71 Blackbird

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is a spy plane that was used for reaserching in wars. 32 of them were bult and had stealth technology in it. it was first introduced in 1966 and retired 33 years later.

it can go around 2,300 MPH. its 107 feet long and also its wing span is 56 feet long with the engines on the wings.

1. X-15 

The X-15 or north american X-15 is the fastest plane in the world which can go over 4,500 MPH! which is really fast for a plane. if there was a 4 inch board in front of it it would break into a lot of peices.

It is powered by a rocket engine,  and it can go 280 miles because of fuel usage, its first flight was in june 8th 1959  and retired (not used anymore) 9 years later.  Its 50 feet long and the wingspan is 22 feet

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update over christmas

So its been about 2 months since Christmas and I thought  "Hmmm, LOGAN YOU FORGOT TO BLOG ABOUT CHRISTMAS, WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING!!!" So here we go! 

Over Christmas we were opening presents waiting around I was building a Lego set, then BAM the power went out. so I was sitting there waiting for the power to come back on and waiting and waiting (I finished the Lego set) so we went to go grab the generator. I thought "Oh yeah we have our generator at our grandparents" so we went there grabbed it and took off. We got home and the power was off. (obviously, I thought) so we got candles, flashlights bedding and took the mattress off my bed. Why? Because I was NOT sleeping on the cold floor. We slept and the next day we got the generator going FINALLY! so we got the fridge and stuff running and got my piggy bank ATM thing, which is pretty much a password protected money counting piggy bank and then we watched TV and I guess we got power back that night. So I guess the end.

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Friday, January 20, 2017


Hey guys, I know you have seen the name of this post, Its true draw comics... on a note card. They are short but funny. So today I'm going to be talking about some tips for people who like to make or read comics.

So do you ever hear a friend or think you are bad at drawing, you/your friends dont have to be good at drawing to make comics, that makes them special. Also you don't need a HUGE piece of paper, like I said i draw them on notecards because, it makes them short and simple. So far I've got my friends Tyler and Jacob (blogs at the bottom of this post) to draw comics to. But so far I have made 3 comics but it did take a while for the first one because it kind of... ripped in half BUT I glued it together so its fine.

Thats all guys, thanks for coming by and also check out these guys (Tyler and Jacob are making comics Im going to convince them to post a blog post about it) here is 1 of the comics that I have made. The picture doesnt work but I will try to find a way. 

If you cant read it it says 
 (Slide 1 pepperoni) HA I AM THE MOST DELICIOUS! 
 (Slide 2 cheese) NO YOU ARENT I AM!
(Slide 5 sausege) Hey, we all now I AM THE BEST!
(Slide 6 all+random person) they are going to get eaten.
Sorry if the text of the links look messy I'll work on fixing it.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lego tips tricks and more: Cars

Hey guys its been a while so I'm back with more tips and about building cars 😀.

1. The more wheels the bigger and better.
sometimes people put a lot of wheels on their cars but if someone put a Mind Storm that could make it move more stable with the tires because the wheels can have better stability.

2. details.
some people can make cars with o roofs or doors or even a seat. but if you want what you want you can make it like that. if you want to make it like that you can have a roof, hood, or a door that can be opened by Lego characters (for stop motion this is extremely useful). 

The third and last of all,
action scenes (for stop motion).
In some action movies you see people in cars like racing to get to something important like a bomb and that bad guys trying to shoot them down to protect what they are protecting. In stop motion THIS IS EXTREMELY HARD. mostly because of the explosins and the people moving on the cars. to make it basic move the car and the people not ot fast or not to slow. probably 1/2 inch every time for the cars but the people go crazy.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lego Tips and Ideas

4 Lego Ideas. When you are building Legos you might seem to get tired of them. Today I have 3 examples of what you can do if you are bored. 

1. Stop motion.
Stop motion is when you take a picture of something and you keep taking pictures of that same thing but you have to move the characters around. So the thing that you do is move a person a little bit then take a picture and keep repeating until you are done. If you have a tablet or a phone you can download the app off of the App Store. The app is called stop motion there is a free version and a version that you have to pay for keep this in mind.

2. Building a HUGE BASE
My friend Keegan  and I built a big base and made stop motion video's from it but if your not the stop motion type of person just keep building onto the base and when a friend comes over to see it they would probably be surprised how big it is.

3. Make an army
Making an army is simple. Get all the Lego characters that you can find and give them weapons place them in a rows and then you can get a really good stop motion video off of that.

4 (not technically an idea) the wall technique
place 2 2x4 bricks right next (not side by side) to each other so they make an 2x8 piece on the first one at the end place a 2x2 and then a 2x4 and keep going so it reinforces it

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

No School Friday

Last week on friday I didn't have school because we got snowed out which gave me enough time to make a Lego stop motion video. It was 300 slides long. So today I am going to tell you how to make a stop motion vidio. 

First you want to get the app simply called stop motion. then when it is done downloading on your device (I dont know if you can get it on an androind/kindle) open the app and tap the pink plus sign. Then get someLego people and move them just a tiny bit and take a picture. (You should make a stand out of Lego.) Keep repeating moving them when you think your done tap the play button it looks like an arrow.

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Lego tips

Hey guys today i am just giving out some tips about building simple buildings 👷.
Tip 1. When you are building something some pieces are hard to get in the spot that you want. You want to get a smaller piece because it is to tight where you want that piece. After that put a long thin piece on so it is reinforced.
Tip 2. Some times when you are making stop motion videos it is blurry you tap on the spot that you want to focus on.
Tip 3. If your building a house sometimes you want to build a frame for extra support because the roof can sometimes collapse.
tip 4. if you're building a car you can have more than one wheel on the front so you can do stunts with it.
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